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SBNation's Best XI of 2012

The SBN crowd choose their best eleven of the year, but with some restrictions.

Jamie McDonald

Best of the year lists are tedious. The lists themselves are fine, but the constant bitching about them - THIS GUY SHOULD NOT BE RANKED 10TH HE SHOULD BE RANKED 9TH HOW DARE YOU INSULT HIM THAT WAY YOU SUCK - are really annoying and get old really, really fast. So I tend to avoid making a lot of lists - they have their utility, like using year-end best of film or best of music lists to catch up on what you might have missed, but putting them in priority order is a largely pointless exercise in organization.

This is why I like SBN's list of their Best XI of 2012. No mere list, they decided to put some rules around the exercise, to wit: Only one player per league, and the list had to form an actual, playable team (the list didn't include nine forwards or four keepers, etc).

So there you have it - SBN's choice of their top 11 footballers of the year. If discussing lists is your thing, hey look! There's a comment section! Go nuts!