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What we did today since Arsenal got postponed

Boxing Day fixtures abound, but what are we doing instead?

Shaun Botterill

Today is Boxing Day, which means Premier League action abounds. As I write this, Newcastle hold a 2-1 lead over Manchester United, Fulham are beating Southampton, Chelsea are beating Norwich, and West Bromwich Albion are up on QPR. Arsenal are meant to be playing West Ham, but a tube strike means that our match got postponed. In between watching matches currently on Fox Soccer 2Go, what have we been up to with our Wednesday?

  • Trying to figure out how many calories are in the quiche, cookies, salad, more cookies, roast, toast, coffee, orange juice, cheese, crackers, and smoked salmon I just ate.
  • Trying to remember if banks are open today so that I can deposit money before they throw me into debtor's prison. Northern Minnesota has debtor's prison--didn't you know that? It's just like Dickens up here. Yes, everything is covered in soot--why do you ask?
  • Wondering how many more cookies I can bake.
  • Enviously eyeing the lego sets my nephew received, wondering if one is ever too old for legos, concluding that one is never too old for legos, wondering if one is then ever too old to start covert actions against nephews to impound lego sets for oneself.
  • Going outside and forgetting that it's zero degrees fahrenheit outside and then going back inside and getting more layers and more coffee and then going back outside.
  • Delivering presents that I mis-labelled that are currently at the wrong people's houses.
  • Enjoying free laundry, washing everything I can get my hands on in the free laundry. Coins, dishes, luggage, small children, puppies, engine parts (tumble dry low).
What are you doing with your non-Arsenal day today? Watching any of the other EPL matches currently underway?