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Arsenal draw Swansea for FA Cup Third Round

Arsenal will have to travel to Swansea for the FA Cup 3rd round in early January.

Richard Heathcote

The third round draw for the FA Cup took place today, and Arsenal's opponent is the one they've most recently played and succumbed to: Swansea.

The Gunners will be traveling to Wales on either the 5th or 6th of January, 2013, to kick off their participation in the oldest cup competition in the world. Swansea, as we've just seen, are a side who press and pass and generally make life hard for opponents, and that was their away tactic, so obviously going to Wales to play them there isn't going to be a tremendous amount of fun. The match will also come at the tail end of England's traditional(ly stupid) Festivities Period, when the talent of the Three Lions is always drained of maximum energy so they can bow out of international competitions early...sorry, what? Arsenal? Oh. Yes--Arsenal are going to be a in tough spot, because they will have to play fringe options, most likely, but Swansea are tough opponents.

Hopefully one or two new faces will come through the doors of London Colney in time to spice up the squad a bit for the start of the cup...