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Reading vs. Arsenal: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

It was mostly Eastwood, and not much van Cleef (unless you are a Reading fan).

Laurence Griffiths

Arsenal beat Reading 5-2 yesterday at the Madejski in another open match. Mistakes were made. Here's a roundup of what was good, less good, and really not good from an Arsenal perspective.

The Good

Santi Cazorla. 3 goals and an assist? Good. He even scored with his head on a ball that was about two feet off the ground, somersaulting all the way.

Attackers making runs into space that other attackers have opened for them with movement. Who knew?

Lukas Podolski's first touch on his goal. Cushioned an awkwardly-flighted Kieran Gibbs cross perfectly down in front of him to set up his half-volley. If Thierry Henry makes that touch, we all lose our minds. It was splendid.

Arsenal's fourth goal. Six touches, four players, goal. More of that, please.

The Bad

Arsenal's slip in concentration after going up 4-0. It's arguably natural for athletes to slow down a bit when a lead such as that one is on the board, but there is nothing more frustrating for fans than watching a big lead slowly slip away due to casual errors. Gibbs' awful pass towards (not exactly "to") Jack Wilshere, Podolski standing about five yards behind his defensive line...these are easily corrected mistakes that Arsenal have to iron out.

Arsenal's weird inability to deal with 1-2s. See the ease with which Reading sliced open Arsenal's defensive line about five minutes into the match? That's something that Arsenal need to work on more--granted, Santi Cazorla was defending there, so a little mistake is understandable. Still...ugh.

The Ugly

Seeing Jack Wilshere nearly lose his entire reproductive ability. That was not so fun.

Arsenal slipping all the time. It's probably time for the snow tires.

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