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Arsenal News Roundup, 12.13.12

In the midst of a slow news week, TSF rounds up headlines, tidbits, and Arsenal news from around the vast series of tubes.

Ho ho ho.  German style.  By way of Japan.
Ho ho ho. German style. By way of Japan.
Dennis Grombkowski

Howdy, kids! With Arsenal not playing until Monday, it'll be a long weekend of recriminations, wound-licking, and general depressiveness, so here's a roundup of today's Arsenal news to tide you through the day.

First up, the last bit of salt in the gaping wound that was the Capital One Cup - Bradford's Gary Jones claims that Torquay United were a tougher opponent than Arsenal.

A couple bits from Arseblog News: Ivan Gazidis has taken the extraordinary (for Arsenal) step of apologizing to the fans - via the AST and the AISA at Arsenal's Christmas gathering - for the Bradford result.

Also from AN, reports of a rift between Steve Bould and Arsene Wenger are shot down. We mentioned this yesterday - Stewart Robson is a prat and should not be taken seriously.

In better news, Jack Wilshere and Aaron Ramsey are close to signing new deals that will keep them at Arsenal for a while. Arsene speaks glowingly of Wilshere's return to form, and I'm happy to see them both signing on for the long term (well, the medium term, given the way players move these days, but still).

So that's your quick roundup of Arsenal news for the day. Discuss!