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Emmanuel Frimpong looks set to go on loan

The Arsenal midfielder, who has made only a couple of appearances this year after recovering from yet another ACL injury, is probably headed out this week.

Thorsten Wagner

Emmanuel Frimpong, who has made only a couple of appearances this year for Arsenal after recovering from a second ACL injury in as many years, is probably headed out this week on loan, according to, well, Emmanuel Frimpong:

Where exactly he is headed is up in the air right now, but another loan spell will do him some good. He is still a bit far down the pecking order in the Arsenal midfield right now, below Mikel Arteta, Jack Wilshere, Aaron Ramsey, FrancisCoquelin, and Abou Diaby (when he comes back from injury). If Frimpong is to develop, he needs playing time, and the U21 side isn't going to cut it any more for him. Last year he went on loan to a Premier League side, and hopefully that's where he's headed this time. We'll have more for you as the story develops.

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