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Fusillade 16: Incidental Facial Damage

Ted and Thomas discuss West Ham, Theo Walcott, and the difficulty of not kicking someone in the face.

Shaun Botterill - Getty Images

After another self-imposed hiatus (for reasons), Fusillade is back, and hopefully on iTunes. It's hard to tell sometimes.

We're in the process of making some changes on the podcast, enforced both by the fact that we now have five writers on the blog and that's definitely too many to have talking at once, as well as the fact that we just want to try to get better at working within the medium, and bringing a slightly different experience to that which you might have here, reading written words. In that vein, this week it's just Ted and me (though we'll probably typically have three 'casters).

We talk a bit about the West Ham game, but mostly branch out into other parts of the game that we haven't talked about on here yet - namely, Vito Mannone getting kicked in the face, and Theo Walcott positively affecting the style and tenor of the game. Also the Portland Timbers for a little bit, but let's not go into that too much.

Hosts: Thomas Wachtel, Ted Harwood
Producer/Editor: Thomas Wachtel

Fusillade 16: Incidental Facial Damage

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