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Man of the Match: YOU DECIDE

There wasn't really a standout player in particular against Olympiakos on Wednesday, so we want to know who you think shone the brightest.

Mike Hewitt - Getty Images

Typically we try to come up with a Man of the Match post as soon as possible after a match, because that's when this kind of thing is usually the most interesting. Here's the problem, though - none of us could decide who it was. So because I'm the one tasked with writing this, and I'm a tremendously lazy person who was watching the match while also doing a ton of work, we're asking you to vote on who had the best evening against Olympiakos. I'll briefly make a case for each Candidate, and then we all can decide together who has to defend the island against the Man in Black was the Man of the Match.

Candidate 1: Gervinho

As most of you probably know, Gervinho is my dude. I won't re-explain why here, when I can just link that article. He wasn't easy to defend last year (as a writer; as a defender he was actually far too easy to defend), but I tried. This year he appears to be trying to vindicate me personally (he reads the blog, obviously): he leads the team in goals across all competitions, and Arsene Wenger appears to be trying to striker-ize him. He opened the scoring against Olympiakos with his fifth of the season, and assisted Lukas Podolski's goal to take the lead. He's awesome, and I will hear nothing to the contrary.

Candidate 2: Lukas Podolski

Industrious as ever. Scored the aforementioned go-ahead goal. Just generally awesome. I can't really put it into words, which is an issue, but he did five-hole the Greek 'keeper, so I think that should be enough evidence for anyone.

Candidate 3: Carl Jenkinson

My rabid hatred for Carl Jenkinson is well-documented. I crave his failure, which is what has made his past several games so frustrating to me. He's been really good, maybe Arsenal's best defender, and that pesky bout of "being mostly unable to pass the ball" he had around the middle of last month has cleared up. He's looked assured and confident, and while early on I had fears that he'd swung into cockiness, he played very well on both ends and is really growing into his role. For the parts of the game where Arsenal were tedious, he was the bright spot.

Candidate 4: Kieran Gibbs

Gibbs didn't really do anything flashy, but early on he was basically the extent of Arsenal's offensive output. He's been good all year too and hasn't gotten quite the accolades that Jenkinson has - that's fine, but don't overlook England's New Left Back.

Candidate 5: Aaron Ramsey

The Best.

So yeah, let's see what the community thinks. Who was best?