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Manchester United Q&A: submit your questions for the Busby Babe

Get your questions in for the exchange with SBNation's Manchester United site!

Mike Hewitt

Arsenal face a stern, resolute, stony, craggy, librarian-faced scowl of a match on Saturday at Old Trafford. Manchester United, fresh off a win against Chelsea and one point behind the Blues at the top of the league, will welcome Arsenal to the cold, grey North for a match which has not been kind to Arsenal in recent memory. Ahead of the match, Gene Um from The Busby Babe has kindly agreed to answer some questions about the fixture and his beloved Red Devils. So, if you have a question for Gene about Manchester United or the Premier League, please leave it in the comments below, and we'll do our best to get them to him. We're going to send them along on Thursday morning most likely, so don't hesitate, or the knowledge you seek will be forever consigned to the ObliDimension, where thoughts once recalled and memories of the halcyon days of yore go to never return!