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Man Of The Match, Arsenal v Queens Park Rangers

The Short Fuse authors put their heads together and discuss who they think the Man Of The Match is.

Our MOTM certificate will look better on your cubicle wall, Andrei
Our MOTM certificate will look better on your cubicle wall, Andrei
Laurence Griffiths

Well, that sure was...what's the opposite of worse, but not quite as good as better? Mediocre? Adequate? In a match<a href="" target="_blank"> awash in adequatequaticism</a>, one name stood out for us. Travis was unable to watch, and I only saw the last half hour or so, so we'll start with...

Ted: Arshavin
Aidan: Arshavin, Arshavin, Arshavin
Paul: Arshavin

It's unanimous. Meerkat it is. In a game that was only slightly livelier than the last two, Arshavin's appearance changed things completely - his passing was good, his positioning was intuitive and he provided a spark that this team has sorely missed over the last couple games. I don't think we're suggesting that Arshavin solves all Arsenal's problems, but he definitely solves the Not Enough Arshavinness problem, and today that's what Arsenal needed to get three points and get their season moving again.

I would also like to cast a half a vote for Arteta because he's awesome and because he scored the goal, but I think we all agree that Arshavin's performance today was impressive enough, even in a short time, to earn The Short Fuse's legendary, coveted Man Of The Match award. We'll be mailing you your fridge magnet and temporary tattoo soon, Andrei.