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The Good, The Bad, The Ugly: Schalke 04

In which Ted and I spend as little time as humanly possible discussing what happened on Wednesday while still actually discussing it.

Shaun Botterill

So, that happened. Arsenal lost in completely uninspiring fashion to Schalke, and in celebration of that fact, we're skipping straight over Man Of The Match and going right to The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly. Onwards and...upwards?

The Good:

Paul: The only good, to me, was that it was only 2-0. It could and by rights should have been a slaughter, and it was in all but scoreline.

Ted: The "good", I would say, was that nobody got hurt.

The Bad:

Paul: To me, the bad was the entire Arsenal attack. There's a very strange yet oddly delightful English expression of confusion in which it is said that someone or something that is normally sensible but has turned into a muddled mess is "at sixes and sevens", and I think that's a great way to describe Arsenal's attack yesterday. They had no cohesion, they had no idea what to do when they got to the final third, and instead of trying to run around people, most Arsenal midfielders and forwards seemed to think they could run straight through people, with depressingly predictable results.

Ted: Gervinho. Not a banner day for the young man with the hair.

The Ugly:

Unanimous: We all know it, so I'm not going to belabor it. Santos. Dude was lost yesterday. I don't think he's a bad player, but he was horribly, terribly, awfully outclassed yesterday and, while not solely responsible for the loss, will be the public face of it for a while.

So there you have it. Were there good points that we missed? Anything to add to the bad and the ugly?