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UEFA Champions League Open Thread

While we all wait for tomorrow's encounter versus FC Schalke 04, comment on all the action and drama in Tuesday's Champions League matches

David Ramos

Spartak Moscow v. Benfica, Kickoff at 12:00 PM ET, FSC and FoxSoccer2Go

Galatasaray v. CRF Cluj, 2:45 PM ET, FoxSoccer2Go

Barcelona v. Celtic 2:45 PM ET, FoxSoccer2Go and FSC Replay at 5:00 PM ET

Manchester United v. Braga 2:45 PM ET, FSC and FoxSoccer2Go

Shakhtar Donesk v. Chelsea 2:45 PM ET, FoxSoccer2Go

BATE v. Valencia 2:45 PM ET, FoxSoccer2Go

Lille v. Bayern Munich 2:45 PM ET, FoxSoccer2Go

FC Nordsjaelland v. Juventus 2:45 PM ET, FoxSoccer2Go

I really don't have a lot to add to this, but that shouldn't prevent you from commenting below on all the day's action. Please remember, especially since all these matches are theoretically being shown on FoxSoccer2Go, to refrain from posting any illegal streams in the comments, to keep all images at 300 or less, to always remember a subject line and, as always, to be kind to one another.