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Wilshere sets up both U-21 goals in win versus Everton

After being called up, but not used, against Norwich City over the weekend, Jack Wilshere played a full ninety minutes as he returned to the pitch Monday in the U-21 match versus Everton

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Can we still laugh at Carl's haircut?
Can we still laugh at Carl's haircut?
Richard Heathcote

Anyone up for some SUPER AWESOME TUBULAR Arsenal news today? I think we all need it, right? Well, here you go, as the Telegraph reports:

Everton's age group team took the lead through Apostolos Vellios, but two goals from Thomas Eisfeld saw Arsenal run out 2-1 winners in a competitively fought game.

Wilshere started the move for the first Arsenal goal and it was the England international's assist that directly led to the winner.

That's fun, right? It was telling that Wilshere's inclusion in the squad over the weekend was evidence that his return is very close, but with his performance and minutes played today and the mid-week Champions League match potentially causing form issues within the first-team for the upcoming league match this weekend versus Queens Park Rangers, it's not inconceivable to think that Wilshere will see plenty of time on the pitch in what is looking more and more like a must-win match.

Also, it's nice to see Thomas Eisfeld get some run and goals. His purchase nearly a year ago had many wondering if he was yet another shrewd capture by Arsene Wenger and, considering his credentials prior to tearing his ACL while at Borussia Dortmund, it looks like he's attempting to force his inclusion into the first-team - and maybe onto the pitch for, say, a Captial One Cup match - sooner than many thought possible.