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Theo Walcott has bruised lung, out for two weeks

After taking a flying tackle from San Marino's goalkeeper on Friday, Theo Walcott should only miss two weeks with a bruised lung.

Shaun Botterill - Getty Images

In the course of one of the most pointless World Cup qualifiers in the history of the World Cup and the word "qualifier," England and Arsenal winger/forward/whatever Theo Walcott chased a bounding ball forward into the San Marino box and took an inexplicable flying hipcheck from the goalkeeper. He went down, left the game, and ended up in the hospital.

Now, according to the Mirror and John Cross, Walcott has been released from the hospital (good news) but has a bruised lung (bad news). But evidently it's not that badly bruised, because he's only going to miss two weeks or so (good news).

Walcott said that he felt like he'd been "hit by a bus" according to Cross, which is understandable, because that was a pretty violent collision. Honestly I'm a bit surprised that he's only going to miss the two weeks mentioned, because it looked initially like a pretty painful collision. But I'm glad that the massive freakout that I saw on Twitter and other zones of the football Internet on Friday is (once again) looking like just a silly overreaction.

Of course now that I say that, he'll probably have to have a leg transplant or something. So it goes.