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Theo Walcott to miss England's match with Poland on Tuesday

In not-surprising news, Theo Walcott will miss England's match with Poland on Tuesday. No return date has been set.

Shaun Botterill - Getty Images

According to the BBC, Arsenal inside forward Theo Walcott will miss Tuesday's England versus Poland clash due to the chest injury he sustained when the San Marino goalkeeper mistook himself for a scrumhalf in a World Cup qualifier yesterday. There is still no official diagnosis, nor is there word about any possible return date for Walcott to the Arsenal squad.

England manager Roy Hodgson was none too pleased with the challenge yesterday:

"If I described the challenge as reckless I would be being kind. It was a very fierce challenge," said England manager Roy Hodgson.

He added: "I don't believe there was any malice. But it put a dampener on the evening."

Walcott will return to Arsenal for further treatment, which hopefully will consist of watching old She-Ra, Transformers, and Batman Beyond episodes on the ol' internet and eating a good deal of healthy ice cream, potato chips, and root beer.