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International Football Open Thread

Want to talk about international matches going on today and this weekend and next week? Here's the place!

Dennis Grombkowski - Bongarts/Getty Images

So, there are a number of international matches underway or starting shortly about which you may want to have conversations, if you're not like me and stuck in an office not watching football today. Of particular note is:

England vs. San Marino
Today, 3PM EDT
Fox Soccer Channel

Please feel free to comment on any of the matches underway, any of the matches about to start, or any of the matches that are upcoming in the next few days right here. Let's make this the repository for all things international. Remember a few key rules for the threads, though: keep image heights at 300 or less, no links to illegal streams in the comments, please always use the subject line feature, and most importantly, be kind to each other. Have at it, folks, and wherever you are, enjoy all the international oh god please no Arsenal players get hurt oh please oh please action!

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