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Interlull Q&A (Well, at least the Q part)

It's an off week, so we thought we'd do another podcast in which we answer your questions. Yes, you! Question us!

Julian Finney - Getty Images

(That's Arsenal ladies' manager Laura Harvey, lifting the Continental Cup. WHO SAYS ARSENAL DOESN'T WIN TROPHIES, DAMMIT!)

We're trying really hard to get back into the regular podcasting habit, and having a stupid international break isn't helping. So we figured, since there's no Arsenal match this weekend, that we'd do another Q&A podcast, where we answer the burning questions that you've always wanted answered, like: Arsenal - amazing team or most amazing team?*

So, if there's anything Arsenal you want to know about - whether it's on the field or off, Premier League or Champions League, current or historical, or...holy crapcakes is it hard to get to 150 words when all I want to say is "post your questions down in the comments".

Yeah, that's where all that was going. If you have a question about Arsenal that you'd like to have us answer (NB: answers may be heavily sprinkled with references to the MLB postseason (ALL YOU HAD TO DO WAS WIN ONE MORE GAME, CINCINNATI....CMON!) or Mr. and Mrs. Travis' new baby, or other random things. You've been warned), let us know in the comments!

*you can do better than this