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Olivier Giroud to start for France against Japan

After scoring his first Premier League goal last weekend, Olivier Giroud has been rewarded with another appearance for France.

Ian Walton - Getty Images

Lost in the Laurent Koscielny Injury Scare crisis (our players can't even stay injured for a full day anymore!) was the fact that France manager Didier Deschamps actually named a full eleven-man team to face Japan tomorrow, rather than just Koscielny and his bruised-ish knee. And lo! there's another Arsenal player on the list.

That's right - official Handsomest Man at Arsenal Olivier Giroud will be starting at striker. Commence celebration or despair, depending on your feelings in regards to international football games.

While I fear injury, as I do every minute of every day of my life, I'm happy for the guy. Deschamps had some nice things to say about him (and Karim Benzema, I guess) as well.

For their confidence is important that they have found their effectiveness. There are times where the attackers do not score, it is only short term. When it happens in seven or eight games they are criticized, but they still score regularly.

So it appears that life is good for Giroud. He's scoring, he's singing, and he still looks like that. Everything's coming up Milhouse.