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Pictures from France training show Koscielny injury

After colliding with Franck Ribery, Arsenal defender Laurent Koscielny had to leave France training. Pictures have emerged that tell more of the story.

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Richard Heathcote - Getty Images

As the Laurent Koscielny Injury Crisis drags into its second half-hour, some more details are emerging from the French national team camp. There are also some pictures, that are the source of some of those details (or at least confirmation thereof). Those can be found here; I chose a particularly noteworthy one, and you can navigate from there.

It was originally reported that Koscielny had to be taken off on a stretcher, or at the very least "carried off." It does not appear, based on the photos, that this is quite accurate. He's supported by two people, but in several pictures is seen to be putting weight on the leg, and is for the most part moving under his own power. He is, though, clearly in quite a lot of pain, and is getting significant help off the field.

The point is this: Koscielny may be badly injured, but since the injury came from a collision with winger and possible James Bond antagonist Franck Ribery it's less likely to be any kind of ligament damage. For all we know it's a shattered kneecap, but it could also be a painful bruise. We don't know right now. More information is sure to come, so stay tuned.