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So It's Come To This: the deadline day thread

Remember when we got him? That was pretty fun.
Remember when we got him? That was pretty fun.

It's finally here, that Day Of Days, the transfer deadline day. At around 6pm eastern US time the window is shut, and for a few glorious days the rosterbation will end (or at least tail off a little bit) until people realize that there's another transfer window opening in only FIVE SHORT MONTHS! and start spouting off about various places Eden Hazard might get sold.

In case you can't tell, I'm going to be really happy when this is all over.

Anyway, nothing is probably going to happen with Arsenal, aside from (possibly) the official announcement of the signing of Thomas Eisfeld from Borussia Dortmund, which we talked about a bit yesterday. Still, though, here's a thread to discuss whatever does happen. It's January so there probably won't be too much (unless Chelsea and Liverpool go nuts again and buy some more strikers who can't score or Harry Redknapp tosses more of his ill-gotten cash at random people), but, you know, something interesting could go down.

So someone please keep an eye on Sky Sports News then and let me know if anything interesting happens. I'll just be sitting over here staring at Twitter for the next eight hours or so.