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Fusillade, Episode 4: Winning and Sagna Are Bac, but Jack has a setback

"You scored!"
"I know, time for the table tennis celebration!"
"You scored!" "I know, time for the table tennis celebration!"

So, as you should know by now, Arsenal had a great comeback to win 3-2 today. But you know what will make your day even better? That's right, the 4th episode of Fusillade. No, I'm not apologising for the title.

This week, both Thomas and Paul were awol, so I host the show, and I'm joined by Ted. No, this is most certainly not a coup d'etat. We talk about Arsenal's victory today, Jack Wilshere's injury, what Arsenal's ambitions should be this season and then have an extremely brief preview of Arsenal's matches this week.

If there's any difference in sound quality, it is solely down to me using GarageBand instead of the Windows program that Thomas uses.

Regular podcast service should resume next week, as Thomas and Paul should return from being tied to chairs while I and Ted run amok with the podcast on well deserved vacations.

iTunes update: We shall be applying to iTunes soon, given that we now have 5 episodes. Until then, Fusillade shall be on Podomatic.

Fusillade, Episode 4

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