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Arsenal: Positive Jam(s)

I've been far too negative about the Arsenal lately, both in my mind and on the blog. So, herein and below, I shall only list the positive things I feel about Arsenal right now.

Everyone listening to the above? Good. Here we go:

  1. Arsenal are NOT queueing up for soup and scabby sores.
  2. Bacary Sagna is back in full training.
  3. Kieran Gibbs is not far behind him.
  4. Jack Wilshere, when he returns, will be fresh and angry, and he's just what Arsenal need in the center of midfield right now.
  5. Thomas Vermaelen may soon get to move back to center half next to Laurent Koscielny.
  6. Arsenal have no flappers -- at least not in the starting lineup! Hey-o! Fabianski joke!
  7. Robin van Persie is still a deadly finisher.
  8. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain is a fun guy to watch run around doing football-related things on a football pitch.
  9. He is also very good at doing those football things like kicking footballs hard and passing footballs accurately to his fellow football guys.
  10. Gervinho isn't gone forever and offers some things Arsenal could use.
  11. Arsenal are above approximately 150 other professional English football clubs in the table. Things could be worse (could be stabbed).
  12. Arsenal have a ton of money, which is more than most clubs can say.
  13. Arsenal are not the Minnesota Vikings.
  14. If they play their cards right, Arsenal will slowly be able to clear choking wages off their books and slowly build a new wage structure.
  15. The players are holding team meetings to try to sort things out.
  16. Arsenal are still in the Champions League (I can think of two clubs that are no longer in the Champions League).
  17. Nico Yennaris.
  18. Still have home matches against Spurs, Chelsea, City, and Newcastle.