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Q&A with The Busby Babe, SBN's Manchester United blog


Ahead of tomorrow's match against Manchester United, Rorz (Sweet science) over at The Busby Babe was on hand to answer some questions about the match and United for us. Here are his thoughts:

This is question that feels relevant for both of our clubs right now: What's worse, having no fullbacks or no wingers?

Speak for yourself. Valencia is on fire right now. So I would say no full backs, although Jones, Smalling, Rafael, Fabio are all great options for us.

Can we have Dimitar Berbatov?

Sure. We'l have Robin Van Persie off you though :). To say im not Berbatov's biggest fan is an understatement. He scores his goals usually when we are winning. A scorer of great goals. Not a great goalscorer though. WIth Welbeck, Chicarito and Rooney, we have plenty of firepower too.

Patrice Evra has been on the decline for the last 12 months, or so. With Fabio usually being deployed at right back when he's not hurt, will United need to buy a left back soon, or is Zeke Fryers good enough?

I think it won't be long till Evra is on his way out. His pace used to bail him out but that won't last forever. He is a little prone to being skinned this season and he has become somewhat of a liability. He is still one of the better left backs in the league. As for replacements? I think Fabio is more than capable. From what I have seen from Fryers, I like him. But I haven't seen enough of him to make a solid assesment. My guess is that he lasts a few seasons but is then sold on to a Championship club or low level PL club.

Do you think Ferguson will make a January signing in central midfield, or is he going to stay with what he has?

Who needs signings when you have the Ginga Ninja!!!! I think he will stick. He is forever bemoaning the lack of "value" in the January transfer market. Cleverley will be coming back within the next two/three weeks, so if he stays fit he will be a revelation.

How do you feel about your midfield these days, and who do you think will be the main players in the middle for you in two years?

As much as I love Scholes, he is papering over the cracks. His signing is instead of over spending on a lack of quality (You know what you are going to get with Scholes. Less likely with a foreign import). What we need is a little more creativity, someone who can run with the ball. Anderson can, but he is so inconsistent. Cleverley can too, but he has been injured for a large portion of the season. Giggs isn't getting any younger too. As for who I think will be in the middle..... Xavi...Iniesta...Wilshere...I wish...Cleverley has the potential to be fantastic. Him and Wilshere will be Englands centre midfield partnership for years to come. Carrick is probably in the form of his life right now, and his football brain will mean he could play until his mid thirties. Giggs might go on until his 60's too...

Do you have any thoughts about this match being on broadcast, terrestrial television in the United States on the morning of the NFC Championship game?

Sorry; I'm from sunny England. But I'm sure you are guarenteed to have a good game, thus a good advertisement in the states for "Soccer".

And finally, do you have a prediction for Sunday?

I think you might get something out of the game. I reckon you will go ahead early and we will equalise in the second half. 1-1. Van Persie will score your goal (who else will?)

Thanks again to Rorz for his answers!