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Fusillade 2: The Michael Owen Injury Watch

Low hanging fruit? Sure. Give us a break though, we were sad.
Low hanging fruit? Sure. Give us a break though, we were sad.

So there's something you're probably going to notice when you open this week's Fusillade (and no, it's not that it's on iTunes. I'm still working on that part). It's a little bit long. Not that much longer than the other episodes have been, but still. There's a good reason for it, though - catharsis. Basically this episode is your friendly neighborhood bloggers going through at least two of the stages of the grieving process; namely, rage, and snark. Snark counts, right? You can also blame Aidan for napping through his alarm and postponing the recording, thereby making those of us not on the west coast sleepy. THANKS A LOT.

We talk quite a bit about the Swansea game. We apologize for that. We had to, though, because the first stage of grief is acceptance, I think. That seems like what they said on Scrubs, or something like that. We also do a preview of the Manchester United match next weekend (editor's note: eep). What else can you find? Glad you asked!

  • We talk about the fall of the Arsenal midfield, and how it basically cost us the Swansea game.
  • How can we fix the midfield? Well...transfers, I guess. Maybe?
  • So, so many Michael Owen jokes. Like, we had some really good ones. You'll like them.
  • I display a massive lack of knowledge about the travels and travails of the Bulgarian national team, and evidently had a dream about Owen actually playing in the 2011 Champions League final. He was on the bench, though. That definitely happened in real-life for some reason.
  • Ted says "Francis Coquelin" really French-y, and I call science out. Science totally had it coming, though.

So yeah, here's some Arsenal ear-candy for you. Get it. There's a 100% money-back guarantee. Also, make sure that you don't forget that you can send in questions for us to answer at We've gotten some really good ones that we haven't used yet - don't worry, we're just saving them for later. So keep them coming.

Fusillade 2: The Michael Owen Injury Watch