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Arsenal midfielder Jack Wilshere's surgery to keep him out four months


Jack Wilshere underwent a successful surgery last night to repair a stress fracture in his foot, Arsène Wenger confirmed in his press conference ahead of the club's Champions League match against Olympiacos today. He noted that it was a stress fracture in the same area where Wilshere suffered a break when he was 16, and it is unclear whether the stress fracture appeared due purely to heavy use last year or due to a kick.

Wenger stressed that Arsenal's medical team is not to blame:

"It's unfair because the club medical staff haven't made any mistakes on that front," he said. "It is unfortunate and we are all very sad at the club that it has happened to such a young boy.

"We were even more worried as it was a complicated procedure so it was a big relief yesterday for everybody at the club that the operation went well. I am convinced that the medical staff have not made any mistakes on this case.

"I think our red shirt attracts a lot of criticism [sometimes]," Wenger joked. "It shows we are a very popular club and it is something that we have to accept. It is part of the popularity of any club.

"The news from the operation is very positive but of course he will be out for  quite a long time. It is very difficult to predict how long he will be out, but at least four months certainly.

Let's hope it's not more than that. In the meantime, Emmanuel Frimpong, Francis Coquelin, and, theoretically, Abou Diaby will have to step up and make contributions along with Mikel Arteta, Alex Song, and Aaron Ramsey.