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Arsenal link roundup for Sunday, September 25

Throw it here, kid! No, throw...what are you...JUST THROW IT YOU LITTLE PUNK
Throw it here, kid! No, throw...what are you...JUST THROW IT YOU LITTLE PUNK

It's raining here in Chicago (which I actually love), but it's sunny in my heart (which I hate) after yesterday's rock-solid 3-0 win over Bolton.

Hey, look; links!

Centurion RVP helps Arsenal vanquish Bolton [Gunnerblog]

Arsenal relieved as Theo Walcott likely to be available for Olympiakos [Guardian]

Arsenal 3-0 Bolton: van Persie shows the way [Arseblog]

Arsenal and Arsène fighting back against the media [Untold Arsenal]

Robin's one ton destruction gives Arsenal the points [A Cultured Left Foot]

Arsenal 3-0 Bolton match report [Mirror]

And now for a bit of the sublime, and a bit of the ridiculously sublimely ridiculous:

One of the best assists you'll ever see (Lionel Messi is disqualified to give others a chance) happened in the Bundesliga this weekend. It involved Real Madrid legend and current Schalke 04 talisman Raul combining with Jurado, and it is absolutely ludicrous. (The video is at the top right-hand corner of the page). Jurado's pass is gonzo. (H/T to Futfanatico n twitter for that one).

However, the universe balances things out. In a game between Oklahoma Baptist and MidAmerica Nazerene, this happened. If that ever happens in an Arsenal game, I'm renouncing the club, giving up watching soccer forever, strongly considering converting to some kind of animalistic religious practice, and selling any pork products I currently have in the fridge (H/T to the SBN soccer main page).


Have a good day, everyone.