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Arsenal tie up Lansbury extension

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Henri Lansbury, goal-scoring machine.
Henri Lansbury, goal-scoring machine.

Young midfielder Henri Lansbury has signed a contract extension with Arsenal, ending speculation that he could leave the team after the season. The length of the extension has not been announced, but considering the fact that this was the last year of his contract, any extension is preferable to the alternative.

Lansbury has shown his talent since being loaned to West Ham United for the season on transfer deadline day, with several good performances both for club and country. In the English U21 side's 6-0 demolition of Azerbaijan Lansbury scored twice and had two assists, with both of his goals provided by Arsenal teammate Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain. He then was an impact substitute in England's 4-1 comeback win against Israel U21s along (again) with Oxlade-Clamberlain, scoring the fourth goal on a pass from the Arsenal winger. And on his debut for West Ham, Lansbury scored in a 4-3 win, and was by many accounts the man of the match.

According to Jamie Sanderson of Young Guns, Arsenal's plan here worked pretty much perfectly. Lansbury wanted out, but was convinced to stay, and though the club had transfer offers in line for him they loaned Lansbury instead to buy time to work out the new deal. It's a good bit of business for the club to keep him: he's clearly very talented, and seems to be just on the verge of being good enough to break through into the Arsenal first-team squad. Considering that he's been a Gunner since he was eight years old, to lose him only to see him make good somewhere else would have been unfortunate.