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Transfer Deadline Day Thread II: Revenge of Deadline Day

He's not all we're getting, is he?
He's not all we're getting, is he?

So this is it, the final countdown. Less than four hours to go, and the transfer window slams shut, possibly on Arsenal's fingers. Will we add the world-beater midfielder we so desperately want, or will we be stuck with a weird loan signing to hold us over until...something else?

Only time will tell. Just like in the other thread, feel free to comment on the action below. Fox Soccer has Sky Sports News on until 3 EDT, after that we rely on Twitter.

Here's the recent action so far:

We've signed Ju-Young Park from Monaco (full post here), Andre Santos from Fenerbahce (full post here), and Per Mertesacker from Werder Bremen (full post here). Plenty of speculation on midfielders coming in; the most recent names are Mikel Arteta, who is said to be out of the picture now, and Yossi Benayoun on a loan. There's still time for plenty of new rumors, signings, and rage from disgruntled supporters before the 6 pm ET close of the window.

For more coverage of teams not called arsenal, check out the main page and its transfer bonanza post. Come on, Arsenal!