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Are we all calmed down a bit now?

Good.  Now let's talk about the next 72 hours, shall we?  This has the potential to be the most expensive three days in Arsenal's history.  Why?  Because 8-2, that's why.  Clubs now know exactly how desperate Arsenal are and will react accordingly.  You want a nice fresh Gary Cahill?  You offered £6 million?  Oh, I'm sorry, now he costs £14 million.  That lovely Eden Hazard in the window?  Oh yes, the tag on his arm says £30 million but that was last week's price, sir, he's now £40 million.

Transfers are a mercenary business, and teams who don't have a lot of money but do have desirable players are in no mood to do any club any favors.  Arsenal's weekend performance just got them officially classed as "desperate" to buy, the store closes in three days, and selling clubs just got pound (or euro) signs in their eyes.  This will either be quite the spending spree or...well, not, I guess.    But if you are one of those people who demands that Arsenal buy players (as I am), understand that in the next three days the price of the players to be purchased will likely be a lot higher than they were on Saturday.