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Samir Nasri Sold To Manchester City

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Arsenal have announced that they have agreed terms with Manchester City for the sale of Samir Nasri. While the news isn't surprising, it had been reported at the weekend by Canal Plus that the deal with City had fallen through over the payment of agent fees. However, Roberto Mancini has finally gotten his player, for a rumoured £24m.

Nasri had a breakout season last year, scoring 15 goals in 46 appearances from a wide forward position, but he ended the year badly, with just 1 of his final 30 shots ending up as a goal. Arsenal had tried to sign him to a new long-term contract and it did appear that the sides were close in February, but talks reportedly broke off over the weekly wage that Nasri would get. Once Manchester City stepped in (and by that, I mean tapped up), offering £200,000/week, there was no chance Nasri was going to remain at Arsenal. 

Arsenal lose a player who is admittedly, a very good talent. Nasri, though, unlike Cesc Fabregas, is not among the best in his position in the world, and is easily replaceable. Arsenal also now have another £24m, in addition to what they had left from the original transfer budget and from the sale of Cesc Fabregas. Whether Arsene Wenger spends the money, as I think he must, and who he spends it on will determine how easily Nasri is replaced.