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Arsenal midfielder Denilson loaned to Sao Paolo

Denilson shrugging off Kieran Richardson against Sunderland last season.
Denilson shrugging off Kieran Richardson against Sunderland last season.

It's official: Arsenal midfielder Denilson has gone on loan to Brazilian club Sao Paolo, according to the English club's official website. It was a deal long spoken of in rumor, and Denilson has been at least visibly unhappy for some time at Arsenal, having fallen in the pecking order at center midfield. Life in London had also probably become less than ideal for him after the departure of Gilberto Silva in 2008, which Denilson himself discussed in an article at ESPN Brasil:

"Wenger me ajudou em muitas coisas, dentro e fora de campo. Sempre me passava muitas coisas, sabe das dificuldades que tive lá, fui morar sozinho. Não só ele como Gilberto Silva, que foi um paizão para mim no Arsenal", revelou Denilson, que negou pensar na titularidade.

which, translated with the help of google:

"Wenger has helped me in many things, on and off the field. I have always spent a lot of things, you know the difficulties I had there, I lived alone. Not only did he like Gilberto Silva, who was a daddy to me at Arsenal," said Denilson , who refused to think of the title.

Hopefully the move to Sao Paolo helps to reignite Denilson's play. On his day, he is a wonderful central midfielder whose reading of the match and passing skills are quality. Best of luck to him in his hometown.