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Arsenal reveal new away kit for 2011-12 season

As has been fanshotted here already by NYFlyGuy, Arsenal yesterday officially revealed the 125th anniversary away kit that the team will wear this season. The shirt is basically the same as the one that the internet has been widely rumoring up for a while now, which means that, based on earlier reactions, the Arsenal world is going to be sad. Thoughts and a poll below the jump:

My own personal reaction is that I don't totally hate it. I liked the all-blue away kits we had, and the addition of the light blue half of the shirt doesn't bother me. Having all dark shorts and socks helps keep the lighter half from being a bit too much. The kit does look a little, erm, nautical, I suppose, with its combination semaphore-flag-and-blues theme, but one could imagine Nike going a little more crazy and busy, and they haven't.

Now, I maintain personally that the kits should always be the ones from the 1970-71 season, and that Nike can get crazy with a third kit for Europe, but I really feel that the away kits should be yellow with blue trim, always. I favor classic things and fear change, though, so I'm probably wrong. Anyhow.

What do you think of the new away kits?