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Arsenal midfielder Denilson wants to leave the club

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According to an interview in The Sun, Arsenal midfielder Denilson expressed his desire to leave the club this summer:

"This is not a sudden decision. I made up my mind eight months ago.

"I was fed up of coming home and feeling down.

"But I haven't said anything until now because I did not want to disrupt the team during the season. And I haven't caused a big scene.

"I've simply been to see Arsene Wenger and told him how I felt and he's agreed to let me go.

"I know some people will think I am crazy. They are right. It is a great club with a great organisation, a great manager and so many talented players.

Denilson has not been picked as often this season as he was in the past three, due to the emergence of Jack Wilshere. His parting quote in the article is pretty blunt:

"It's great to play beautiful football but sometimes to be a winner you have to play ugly if you want to succeed."

Make of that what one will. Denilson had a pretty good run at Arsenal, but was always a polarizing figure amongst the support. Best of luck to him, should he choose to leave finally.