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Five questions with Kirsten Schlewitz of 7500 to Holte


SBNation's 7500 to Holte blogger, Kirsten Schlewitz, despite being super busy, was gracious enough to send answers to burning--BURNING--questions about Aston Villa at the close season. I answered some questions for her at 7500, and now she's returning the favor. Come join Kirsten and I as we descend into the giddiness of a summer without Premier League football below the jump.

Since nobody really anticipated Aston Villa having four managers over the course of the season, let's add a fifth. What celebrity, current or historical, would you like to see try their hand at managing the Villa?

Prince William, of course. Who's going to say no when a Prince requests to buy your best player? Who's going to mouth off to the future King? And really, nothing could be better than getting to see Kate and her classy style in the stands week in and week out. Unless, of course, she asks Pippa along to accompany her. That would be even better.

What do you anticipate Marc Albrighton would do if Barry Bannan ever left the club (perish the thought)?

Well, with the way all the young players were talking up Bazza at the Villa awards dinner, I think they might all band together in mutiny. Marc won't be able to lead the charge, however, as he's a fragile creature, easily kept awake at night. The thought of his bestie leaving his side will likely lead to sleep deprivation that even his teddy bear couldn't cure. He'd probably rupture some non-essential organ again and end up in hospital.

What do you anticipate Aaron Campeau would do if Eric Lichaj ever left the club (ditto)?

Weep and refuse to take off his Lichaj kit. No, I think Aaron has already come to terms with the fact that Lichaj will go. It's the curse of players that Aaron loves. Milner--off to the Citeh bench. Carew--booted out the door. Lichaj--stuck behind a bunch of mediocre defenders. He played well during his loan spell at Leeds, but he might be consigned to the Championship.

Do you think Villa could make a serious run next year with a team of all young players? Albrighton, Bannan, Lichaj, Fabian Delph, Nathan Delfouneso, Ciaran Clark, Brad Friedel (just kidding)...all are young, serious prospects. Do you feel a return to serious form is just around the corner?

Depends on who ends up managing the club and what their vision is. We clearly saw the VillaBabes experiment end when the veterans returned to health, despite the fact that they don't offer that much more (seriously, it's time to get over the James Collins-Richard Dunne partnership) than the youngsters. With Ash on his way out, I think we'll see Stewart Downing return to the left, and Albrighton come back to the right. I'm personally hoping for Bannan in the hole where Young's been playing, but I doubt the club will go that direction, opting instead for a traditional forward pairing. Sigh. Clark is ready to take over in central defense. It's really the central midfield that's crowded. Is there room for both Delph and Bannan? Likely not.

Imagine, for a moment, that you're granted access to St. Andrews. What practical jokes do you have in store for the Birmingham City changing room?

Ew, please don't make me think about their pants. Or that hideous, hideous team being naked. Provided there are none of the players there, I'd tie all their boot laces together so they couldn't shoot. Oh, wait...

A thousand thanks to Kirsten, who will be in London this weekend but not at the Emirates.