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Tottenham Hotspur vs. Arsenal: open thread

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Kickoff: 2:45 PM EDT, White Hart Lane
TV: ESPN 2, ESPN 3, ESPN Deportes, ESPN Mobile
SBN Spurs Coverage: Cartilage Free Captain

Well, so here we all are again. Spurs and Arsenal. Three points or bust. It's clichéd to say this is a must win; this is a must win. Can Arsenal find a way to score from open play? Can Arsenal finish the match as strongly as they start? Will Cesc Fabregas' consecutive win streak at the table tennis yesterday carry over into today? So many questions, the answers to which lie underneath the turf at White Hart Lane, waiting to be excavated by the giants of the North London footballing landscape in what is sure to be the most epic clash since Achilles met Hector on the shores of West Turkey in the days when men were giants and giants roamed the earth and every blow was an earthquake and mountains were bodies and...sigh.

Just freakin' win, Arsenal.

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