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Arsenal confirms Wojciech Szczesny has dislocated a finger

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Arsenal goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny suffered a hand injury in today's Champions League match against Barcelona in the first half, and Manuel Almunia had to replace him.  Well, according to a report from Saj Chowdhury, football writer for the BBC, the injury sustained in today's Champion's League match is a dislocated finger:

Arsenal goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny has suffered a dislocated finger, club have confirmed #bbcfootballless than a minute ago via web


There is no word on the club's website yet, and no word on how long the Pole could miss with an injury like this, although if healing goes well, dislocated fingers can take 3-6 weeks to fully recover from, according to WebMD.  If that is the case with Szcesny, he will possibly not be fit until the last few matches of the year in late April and early May.  Hopefully the club will release more information soon, because Arsenal supporters worldwide will have to steady themselves at the thought of youth keeper James Shea being second in line if Arsenal cannot arrange for Vito Mannone's return from Hull City.