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Aaron Ramsey could feature this weekend against Sunderland

According to the official club website's interview with Arsène Wenger, Arsenal midfielder Aaron Ramsey may return for the match against Sunderland on Saturday.

Wenger said that Ramsey is "likely to be in the squad; there is a chance that he will be in the squad, yes...It is very good to have him back, because he is getting better and better; he is one who....has a great engine, great passing , and can score a goal as well."

There were no new injuries accrued in the Leyton Orient match, and adding Ramsey to the midfield could prove very helpful if Arsenal's calendar stays on course in three competitions.  With Cesc Fabregas, Abou Diaby and Alex Song missing time due to injury currently and Tomas Rosicky getting a bit older, a healthy Ramsey could prove in invaluable asset.  His game offers more dimensions than that of Denilson at the moment, and if he has fully recovered from his broken leg both physically and mentally, he could offer second-to-none squad coverage for the Gunners' midfield.