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The Weekly Watch YouTube Instead of Doing Work Post

The first of what I hope is an enjoyable weekly post, the Friday YouTube Post

This post will have some clips relating to the upcoming match, previous match, and perhaps a classic player (you can see Bergkamp, Henry, Pires and Ljungberg featuring a lot) or two.

I always enjoy looking back at some classic matches, so the British Pathe will feature a lot here.

1. Samir Nasri scores his first goal of his Arsenal career v West Brom (2008/09)

Samir Nasri - Goal in 4th Minutes (Arsenal Vs West Brom) (via diafaiz93)

2. Le Bob. 2001/02. Need I say more?

Robert Pires Goals, Passes + Assists 2001/2002 (via MrRenoog)


3. Arsenal beat R.C. de Paris 5-2 in 1932. Yes, I spent a long time at the British Pathe. No, I'm not ashamed at all.