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Arsenal defender Johan Djourou may have only slight knee injury

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According to a report in today's Guardian, Johan Djourou's knee injury might be far less severe than many Arsenal supporters first feared.  If the physio for the Swiss national team is to be believed, the 24-year old center half could (emphasize "could") be back even for Wolverhampton:

...the Switzerland physio, Cuno Wetzel said: "Djourou's knee injury is clearly not as bad as first feared.

"The player suffered very painful bruising on the knee but, if the healing process runs as it should, he could probably begin training in less than one week."

If this is indeed the case, pulse rates will slow down all across North London.  Arsenal's doctors have not yet examined Djourou, and there is no official word from the club itself yet.  Arsène Wenger will probably play it safe and start Sebastien Squillaci and Laurent Koscielny against Wolves on Saturday, in being that the Midlands club have one of the less threatening attacks in the Premier League this year.

With Thomas Vermaelen coming nearer to fitness again, if Djourou is indeed back to full strength soon, Arsenal may (knock on wood) receive a big morale boost by the end of this month.