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If you've been to the Emirates, no doubt the first thing you said when you got there is "Man, this place is great, but it just doesn't have enough statues out in front of it". Which is understandable, I guess, but what other club helpfully tells you, in case you weren't sure, what team you're about to see before you go into the stadium? How much more could you want?

Anyway, Arsenal have bravely decided to confront this No Statue Crisis head-on, and are placing three statues outside the stadium, honoring iconic Arsenal figures from throughout their 125 years of existence: Herbert Chapman, Tony Adams, and Thierry Henry.

Now, with 125 years of history behind it, Arsenal had - if my math is right - about eleventy billion players and managers to choose from for this budding statue farm. They chose Chapman because he was the first manager to lead Arsenal to a championship, they chose Adams because he was the most amazing captain Arsenal has ever had, and they chose Henry because he is, among all the other things he is, the club's all time leading scorer.

Which made the Guardian stop and say, wait a minute, what about Ian Wright? He is, after all, the guy who broke Cliff Bastin's scoring record, a record that stood for 50 years before Wright broke it - in contrast, Henry broke Wright's record after only eight years. So there can definitely be a case made for an Ian Wright statue, and the article even notes that there's plenty of room around the Emirates for more statues, if such a thing is deemed appropriate in the future. For now, though, it's Chapman, Adams, and Henry - and I can't think of a more fitting tribute to any of the three.

What about you? If you could put up a statue of an important Arsenal player or manager, who would you statueize? For me, there's only one answer.