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Andrei Arshavin Q&A demonstrates, finally and definitively, purpose of life on Earth

Your spiritual guide.
Your spiritual guide.

Andrei Arshavin, Arsenal midfielder/winger, is a Russian person. Without wanting to sound too essentialist about the whole thing (it probably has zero to do with where he is from, in all actuality), his perspective on things is generally...oblique, let's say. This most often comes across in his Q&A sessions that he conducts on his personal website. If you've not read any of these before, well, here's a small sample of one, with some commentary from me:

2. From Ludastar72
Hello, Andrey!
Our family is from Murmansk - we are all your fans. We follow your game and wish you good luck. My 8-year-old son is writing an essay about you in English, the assignment was to write about a Famous Sports Person Answer for him please the following question: do you have pets? What are their names?

: At the present moment I don't have any. When I was a kid, we had two kittens. I cannot now remember their gender. And we also had a hamster. However, they all disappeared under unclear circumstances.

One might be tempted to chalk this up to some kind of alcoholic consumption, but Arshavin doesn't really drink. So one is free to sort of let one's mind wander a bit on this one.

13. From galeev
Andrey, do you like a Coldplay song - Viva la vida, that was the anthem of Barca back in 2009?

: A great song.

I think he's trolling a bit here personally, but hey.

16. From Queen
Andrey, I'm curious what you think about human karma and transmigration of souls...

Sometimes I think about it. You see, it's a complicated thing. It hasn't been proven neither physically nor physiologically. There are times in life when sometimes you believe in it, sometimes not.

This is probably what's running through Arshavin's mind when he's dribbling at pace towards an opposition center-half or not tracking an opposition full-back up the pitch toward Arsenal's goal. "Hey, Glen Johnson, do you think that if I allow you to run up the field unimpeded, that someday, maybe, I will reap the rewards of my generous actions? Or is this just sport?"

18. From ikkerh
I want to buy a complete collection of "Barney and Friends" for my kid, he loves watching it, but there is no such thing in Russia, maybe I'll send you the money and you'll buy it and send me the parcel? Of course if it is not difficult

Theoretically it is possible, of course. Practically, no. And although the post in England works great, but I have never used its services personally. Usually I ask my friends and people I know to send some letters, agreements and other documentation for me. I just do not know how to use the services of the local Pechkins :) (Pechkin is a famous Russian cartoon character who works as a postman).

Why he didn't try to steer this poor, poor, soul away from the postmodern terror that "Barney and Friends" inspires, I don't know. A missed opportunity.

Thank you, Andrei, for just being Andrei.