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RIP Gary Speed

Good morning. I had planned a much longer link roundup for today, but this morning's awful news that Wales manager and Premier League legend Gary Speed has died at age 42 this morning put everything in perspective. It is terribly sad news that a man so young whom everyone liked so much is gone. After 840 appearances across five different clubs and 85 caps for Wales, as well as time managing Sheffield United and his country, it is fair to say that Mr. Speed should rightly go down as one of the bulwarks of the Premier League era and one of the best representatives of his country.

I didn't have the privilege of seeing him in action too often, but I remember that whenever I did, I always thought that he was the coolest, calmest, classiest, best-named player on the pitch. Our thoughts go out to Mr. Speed's family at this sad time.

RIP, Gary Speed.