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Quick Arsenal link roundup

You still feelin' Per, man? He has some issues...
You still feelin' Per, man? He has some issues...

Good morning everybody. How was everyone's Saturday? Good? Mmm. That's good! I drank far too much coffee myself, and my copy of NHL 12 keeps freezing a lot...but...oh--what? Oh, football? Yes. Football! Arsenal? Yes, they defeated Chelsea 5-3 yesterday. Yeah, 5-3, man! I know. I know! Yeah.


A High Line Too Far? [We Ain't Got No History]. [Read this in conjunction with Aidan's analysis here].

More after the jump:

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'We always looked dangerous in the game' []

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Chelsea 3-5 Arsenal: Premier League Match Report [Observer]

Chelsea 3-5 Arsenal: Chelsea's high line ripped to shreds in amazingly open game [Zonal Marking]

We'll have more over the next couple of days about our Carling Cup matchup with City, our upcoming Champions League match with Marseille, and oh, you know, the usual stuff and blunder.