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Arsenal link roundup for Sunday, January 23

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Here are your Arsenal links for this morning, everybody.  Hope your Sundays have started as well as Arsenal vs. Wigan.

Arsène Wenger speaks about Cesc Fabregas' performance yesterday in his presser at the official website:

I think he was outstanding. At the end of the game he was frustrated because he didn't score but for me the ball he gave for the second goal was absolutely amazing. The second goal I could watch that and watch it and watch it again because it's just pure class from the pass to the finish.

Thierry Henry [Ed. note: I almost cannot believe that I am, in all earnest, linking to a freaking People Magazine post] says that Arsenal will win the title if they have the belief and something called a "brawn leader".  Also, good ol' Martin Keown:

But that did not stop them roughing me up in training. They wanted me to understand what it was like to play for Arsenal. What it was like to play for Arsenal against Tottenham – so they kicked me! Well, Martin did.

Arseblog is full of praise for Jack Wilshere:

He’s really flourishing now. Not that he ever looked out of his depth but there’s more confidence to his game, he understands his role better, there’s a trust between him and his two fellow midfielders, and together they’re solid and effective. It’s taken a bit of time and has had some teething troubles along the way but they seem to have found a way to play that makes us better. Maintaining that combination as much as possible is going to be important.

while A Cultured Left Foot sums up his thoughts on the victory:

It was the expected victory over a struggling side. Tinged with some disappointment that only three goals were registered, the performance deserved more, especially in the first half. However, three points was the more immediate concern with goal difference not materially affected despite Birmingham’s capitulation at Old Trafford.

7AM Kickoff pulls together some stats in his report:

Such was Arsenal’s dominance against Wigan yesterday that it took 65 minutes before Wigan could get their first shot. Whenever Wigan had the ball, Arsenal took it back from them. Wilshere patrolled the midfield and was a perfect 7/7 in his tackles and what he didn’t tackle away from Wigan, Song stole from them with his team leading 6 interceptions. On the rare occasion that Wigan built enough to get the ball out of the midfield Koscielny and Djourou were there to tackle the ball away only losing one tackle each in 90 minutes. Even in the air, Djourou only lost one aerial duel and that happened on the attacking end.

According to Young Guns, Emilio Martinez could be Arsenal's next focus at goalkeeper:

Arsène Wenger has once again confirmed goalkeeper Manuel Almunia could leave during the January transfer window, but the Frenchman will not be signing a replacement. He will instead promote from within, with the focus on Argentine Emilio Martínez.

And finally: David Rocastle, White Hart Lane, 1987, League Cup semi-final leg two (in anticipation of Tuesday).  [Turn down your sound; the clip is loud].