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Arsenal link roundup for Sunday, September 26

Well, as one might expect, the emotion around the Arsenal blog world is pretty thick. Here is a selection of what people are saying today:

OleGunner offers his analysis of the match yesterday with a look at the players' average position on the field.

Yogi's Warrior at A Cultured Left Foot reminds everyone that the match on Tuesday is where confidence must be regained ahead of Sunday's match at Stamford Bridge.

Arseblog is surprised that things didn't improve after halftime. He's not the only one.

Untold Arsenal reminds everyone that the Gunners had a fair number of shots yesterday, and that West Brom time-wasted like crazy, but he also fully acknowledges that Arsenal were rotten. He does think Wenger can pick them up for Europe, though.

7AM Kickoff is hungover and angry. He points out that Wenger must feel 100 times worse then everyone else this morning, and that he has the power to do something about it.

Harry Redknapp thinks Wenger has become "one of the nutters", now, according to the Guardian. Yesterday's match would be enough to make anyone a bit of a nutter, one might think.

Have a good Sunday, everyone.