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Arsenal link roundup for Monday, September 20

The Arsenal links today are one day late, simply because there were about zero articles floating around yesterday that were not straight match reports, and goodness knows everyone's probably tired of thinking about Darren Bent any more.  Now that there's been a little distance on the match, here goes:

Arsenal Station is not happy with Phil Dowd.

Arsène Wenger is pretty angry, and might be in a spot of trouble if he touched the fourth official at all.

A Cultured Left Foot is excited about Laurent Koscielny.  Indeed, he and Sebastien Squillaci did just about everything right on Saturday, displaying the kind of strength in defense that many have been crying out for.

The club is still waiting for news on Cesc Fabregas' hamstring.  As he walked off the pitch and looked relatively okay, hopefully it is not a bad one.

Darius Stone at A Cultured Left Foot talks about the resistance to change amongst the football establishment.

Arseblog writes about the upcoming Carling Cup match, and also wonders if any punishment for Wenger will be matched by punishment for Wayne Rooney.

More to come later today, including a Tottenham preview.