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Arsenal link roundup for Thursday, September 2

Here are your Arsenal links for today:

  • Four signings out of nearly a hundred linked players.  Yes, the transfer window is a media product, and make no mistake.
  • Theo Walcott talks about his new goals and work ethic, and his reaction to being left out of the World Cup squad here and in a Kevin McCarra column here.
  • A Cultured Left Foot talks about the Premier League squad rules.  A good quote: "...The only manner of improving their technique and experience is by coaching them properly from a young age..."  The rest of the column is great.
  • For those who have feelings either way about José Mourinho, well, now there's this.
  • The official website rounds up all the Arsenal players (16 in total) playing in international matches this week.
  • LATE ADDITION/EDIT: 7am Kickoff on the homegrown player rule, too.
  • One can visit the official site and vote for goal of the month now, too.  It's free.  Enjoy.

Have a good Thursday, everyone.