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Arsenal link roundup for Sunday, August 29

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Good morning, everyone.  Here are the Arsenal links for today:

  • A Cultured Left Foot talks about Manuel Almunia's performance in his match report.
  • Arseblog does similar for Theo Walcott.
  • Zonal Marking offers tactical analysis of the match.
  • Young Guns reports that numerous loan offers have come in for Henri Lansbury, including one top flight club.
  • Ian Holloway, in the last paragraph, talks about sharing a post-match drink with Arsène Wenger, in contrast to what Sam Allardyce has said about the same.
  • Wenger talks about Theo Walcott's growing confidence.  The way he is playing right now means that it is very difficult to leave him off the team sheet; one can't see it happening any time soon.
  • Pitch Invasion (a lovely website, by the way), has a guest article about the Arsenal Fanshare non-profit that is well worth a read.  Apparently the PR contact for the organization is named Vic Crescit...
  • Stoke City manager Tony Pulis just cannot be serious.  The same manager who said he "does not really care what...Wenger thinks" (about Ryan Shawcross), now, apparently, really REALLY REALLY cares what Wenger thinks about Stoke's physical play--enough to "moan like a drain" to everyone and anyone who will listen.  Disagreement is one thing; hypocrisy is quite another.

Have a good Sunday, everyone.