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Poll: Arsenal free-kick takers

Last weekend's match at Liverpool was not perhaps the most interesting match of all time, but one thing did happen that was a little eye-opening for many Arsenal fans. Theo Walcott, probably not the first choice in most minds when it comes to direct free-kicks, tested Pepe Reina's far post agility with a low curler that had a little smoke behind it.

Arsenal are blessed, of course, with a large number of players with excellent attacking technique. It seems as though every year, new players step up to a free kick and bend one (or rifle one) in. First choices will probably be Robin van Persie (who once did this) from the right side and Cesc Fabregas from the left as long as they're on the field, but in recent years, Samir Nasri and Thomas Vermaelen (who has a tendency to hit the wall), and Walcott have also popped up. One senses, too, that Andrei Arshavin, with his power and technique, could rip a good dead ball as well.

Since it's a bit of a slow day (so far), here's a frivolous, perhaps pointless little poll for everyone's consideration: