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Frimpong ruptures ACL and link roundup for Thursday, August 19

 Emmanuel Frimpong has ruptured his ACL in training and will miss 6-9 months, according to Arsène Wenger.  This is the same injury, at about the same time, that kept Johan Djourou out for the entirety of last year.  Defensive midfield is an area that where the club are already pretty thin, so to lose Frimpong is especially annoying.  Granted, he was probably not going to feature all that often in the Premier League, but his absence will affect the FA and Carling Cup teams deeply.  He had had a good preseason working in partnership with Jack Wilshere, and to lose a year of development at this stage of his career is a shame.

Here's hoping he has a quick recovery.

Links below the jump:

  • There is a story out of Sevilla, where that club have told the papers that Arsenal have made a bid, which was rejected, for French international center half Sébastien Squillaci.  It is not clear whether Arsenal will go back in for the 30-year old, and so far there has been no comment from Wenger or the club, as is customary.  In this case, it is not rumor, but now that it has become public, one wonders if Wenger will come back with a new offer...
  • Walter Broeckx at Untold Arsenal gives a personal view on why players should always be supported, even if they are playing badly.
  • Arsenal have a Clock End (it's a handsome clock) and a North Bank again.
  • And, finally, LIMPAR!

Have a good Thursday, everyone.